Text message abandoned cart recovery

Powered by real people, CartText will contact & engage with your customers in real-time to make the sales you missed.

We convert your abandoned carts, churned subscriptions, and billing related issues using live agents + SMS.

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How It Works

Install our app on your website and we'll start saving your abandoned carts with our live agents.

Additionally, we can also interact with your churned subscriptions and billing related issues for subscription companies.

It's simple, we'll text your customers, one by one and offer solutions to close the sale.

Using real people, on average we save over 21% of your abandoned carts. Imagine that!

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93% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes!

Simple and Affordable

No hidden fees or hassle in our pricing. We'll manage everything for one simple and affordable price.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing. We're here to help!
Agent Plus Plan

Agent Plus Plan

Unlimited Agent Interactions
Unlimited Recovered Sales
Unlimited Support
Zero Monthly Fees
+ 10% of recovered carts
- and / or -
+ 5% of churned subscriptions
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SMS Features

Powerful Features

CartText comes with features designed to maximize conversion on all your missed sales.

Conversion Reports

Advanced conversation insights and conversion reports

Cart Segmentation

Powerful segmentation based on specific cart conditions

Conversation Visibility

View our conversations with your customers in real-time

Unique Discount Codes

Unique one-time discount code generated for each customer

Custom Cart URL

Stay true to your brand with a custom cart domain of your choice

Hear From Our Clients

“Hands down the best decision we've made for no extra work. The only reason for not using SMS is because we didn't know text existed.”
“We've used email for years, and still do, but it's nowhere near the conversion you've provided. Thank you to the team, you've definitely been set apart from others.”
“Over 220k in revenue my first year, and a special thanks to Jennifer as she's answered any questions I've had.”
"Honestly can't believe that we were not doing this earlier."
“If you have an established business of any type and you want to recapture missed revenue, then you better sign up. I've been nothing but impressed."
"In the last 6 months we've captured $162,000 in lost revenue. WOW!"
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